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For an appointment: Phone 3821-7780
Ask for a traveller’s health appointment with Dr Russell

Health issues to consider before you travel overseas:

  • Do you have any health issues which need to be considered before you travel? 
  • Your itinerary will determine what health advice you receive, including food advice relevant to your destination. 
  • What vaccinations do you need and what vaccine-documentation will you need to carry? 
  • Do you need to take any preventative medications or medications to treat minor ailments?
  • Ensure you give yourself enough time to prepare. Ideally you should see the travel Doctor 6-8 weeks before your departure.

The Redland’s Travel Health Clinic understands that becoming unwell when you are abroad is a very unsettling experience. A lot of diseases are preventable with appropriate travel advice and correct vaccinations.

Your vacation and your travel experience will be enhanced if you remain well whilst you are overseas.

Dr Dorothy Russell has a keen interest in travel medicine. This interest stems from a curiosity about the world and having the privilege of travelling extensively and also living and working in India. She has many years of experience in travel medicine and has the most up to date travel health information at her fingertips.

Call Redland’s Travel Health located in the Shore Street West Medical Centre on 3821-7780 and ask for an appointment with Dr Dorothy Russell to discuss your travel itinerary and vaccination requirements.